Health is the Foundation of Human Potential

HealthSetGo is working to create a healthy planet so that everyone can achieve their highest quality of life

Health is the Foundation of Human Potential.

HealthSetGo is working to create a healthy planet so that everyone can achieve their highest quality of life.

About Us

HealthSetGo is a pioneering ISO certified school health organisation with a vision to nurture a healthy planet, one school, one student at a time. The HealthSetGo program is the only award winning 360 degree benchmarked program for schools, nurturing 150,000 students and 200,000 parents across 77 cities in India.

A Message from our Founder & CEO, Priya Prakash

Priya is an Honouree at Forbes 30 under 30
She is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer 
and a TEDx speaker.

Our Progress

Teacher's Trained
Doctors Trained
Students and Parents Impacted

Schools We Work With

Winner of the Indian Education Awards 2017

Our Mission

Nurture a Community of Healthy Schools

We believe that schools are an environment where a physically and a mentally healthy generation can blossom by integrating growth monitoring and health education as a key part of their school life.

Inculcate Healthy Habits from Childhood

Health is a life skill which should be taught at school. We want to raise a generation which believes in a lifelong healthy lifestyle by engaging with various health concepts such as nutrition, stress, hygiene and sanitation.

Watch how Pathways School has inculcated health education into their institution.

Empower Parents to make Data Driven Health Decisions through Technology

Our technology makes sustainable healthcare possible. What goes on inside a child’s body and mind is not always visible. Through our easy to understand reports, we help parents and schools make data driven decisions to improve their children’s health.

Our easy to understand medical reports make it easy for parents and schools to access healthcare information. Watch how The Shri Ram Millennium School monitors its health. 

Ensure that Health is for Everyone, Everywhere.

Access to healthcare is a fundamental right. We believe that the solution to the global healthcare burden lies in prevention and in making affordable healthcare accessible to everyone.

Watch how our project in Tirupati has made waves in the community. 



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